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You're a Masters level Mental Health Counselor

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You’ve graduated and now you have no idea what to do to get licensed.


You worked so hard and you can’t wait to begin your work in the counseling field.


All you want to do is help people, but you feel overwhelmed trying to figure this all out.

Finding the right supervisor can feel tiresome: What is their specialization? Will we get along? Can they actually help me? Will I be able to afford a good supervisor?


There is so much to consider!

Reach for the stars!

Imagine having a knowledgeable supervisor who can help you with difficult cases, guide you through the licensure process, help you prepare for your exam and support you through this long journey to independent licensure.


Consider the comfort of knowing that you are not going through this process alone and that with the right guidance this process will be manageable.


You can find balance in working as a counselor, making a difference in the lives of those you are working with and growing professionally.

Reach for the stars as you embrace your professional journey!

Contact me today to discuss how I can help you with this process.

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